Here are some tips that will help you bring more traffic and views to your blog or website. If you are starting a new blog or already have one with some traffic, you should always do these tips for every post.

1. Think about keywords

The first thing you should think about is what keywords you want to rank on Google for. Then, look at your competition and check how hard a keyword is to rank. Think about long tail keywords, which are three or four keyword phrases and are more specific for what someone might be looking for. It's recommendable to start with keywords where there is not so many competitors and might be easier to rank. For example, it is better to focus on a long tail keywords like "avocado oil health benefits" than just the word "avocado".

You can research for keywords in places like Google Keyword Planner, Answer The Public, Google Trends, Quora or you can just even type a keyword on Google and scroll down to "Search related to..." which will give you some good ideas.

Google related search

2. Add alt text to all your images

Alt text is a simple step that can bring you traffic from Google images. Many people underestimate the value of Google images, but this is a great source. Especially if your image is unique and hasn't been used online yet. Alt attributes help search engines to know what your image is about and is also helpful for people who use screen readers.

Alt Text on Picture

3. Check for broken links.

If a search engine finds too many broken links, it might consider your website as a low performance website. This won't help you when showing results on google as they favor websites with high performance first.

If you have been blogging for a while, you might have too many links to check manually. The good news is that there is an easy way to check your broken links. You can get a Chrome extension called "Check My Links". This extension will crawl your or any other website and detect and highlight any broken link so you can update or remove it.

4. Start a link building campaign

Find other blogs, websites or communities that are relevant to your blog and send them an email or message asking them if it's possible to link one of your blog post on their own. You could even check if they have any broken links and see if they can replace with any of your own posts on that broken link. If they are active on social media, you can ask them to share your post in their feed. Link building takes a lot of time and research, but it's one of the best ways to get your website to be noticed online.

5. Make your website faster.

Some WordPress themes are easy to use and they will make your blog look nice but some of those themes are also poorly written and create heavy websites that take a long time to load. Again, Google prefers faster websites and your website visitors might leave your site even before accessing it if it takes them too long to load.
You can use GTmetrix and Pingdom to check your website speed for free. These tools will tell you what problems you currently have and will give you a grade on how fast is your website performing.

Be careful with WordPress plugins that advertise to make your website faster as some of them might not have been updated for months and can open your website to hackers and also break your website code.


6. Write long posts

The minimum recommended for at least a search engine to crawl your site is 300 words. However, you might want to have some longer post over 1000 words. This will help you with your SEO and get more traffic to your blog.

7. Get Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast is a plugin for WordPress that will help you to optimize your blog content with simple tips. It will let you know when you are missing an image alt, add meta descriptions to your posts, keyword density, word count, readability check, and others.


Getting traffic on your website doesn't happen overnight. There are no magic tricks that will get you instant traffic. The longer your website and domain have been online, the better the chance you will rank your website or blog on Google.

Be careful with SEO companies that will guarantee front page on Google after only a few weeks. Many of these companies will use black hat techniques and spam thousands of links of your website links to low quality websites all over the internet, which used to make your site show on the first pages of Google initially, but has since been fixed and every website that participated in this has been and will be penalized, getting an even worse ranking than the one you had before.

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