Why Design on Social Media Matters for Your Small Business

Social media is taking over the internet. Today every business should have at least two social media profiles. With so many competitors out there, it is important to not only to post often but also to post high-quality images or graphics that will help your business stand out and bring more followers and therefore clients or customers.

These are four simple tricks that you want to follow for each platform.

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1. Use high-quality pictures.

Nobody wants to see a blurry or pixelated picture. It is bad press for your business to use bad quality media that looks outdated and unprofessional. Look for beautiful images and be careful with copyrights. Do not use images from google, most of them are copyrighted and you are  probably not allowed to use them without their permission. Instead, you can buy images from sites like Shutterstock, iStockphoto or you can get free images from copyright free websites like PicJumbo.

2. Use color palettes.

Some useful advice, especially for Instagram, is to maintain a color palette on the images you choose to post.  Make sure that it will reflect the message of your company, you can also use your brand colors. This way when a client goes into your social media feed, they will see a harmonious and balanced overall scheme. This will increase your chances for them to follow you. Keep your pictures clean and avoid busy backgrounds.

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3. Use infographics.

The average persons attention span is around 8 seconds so you that much time to grab your potential customers attention.  Infographics takes your information on a product or service and turns it into a fun and easy to understand picture.  Infographics are a friendlier way to explain complex products or services.  They also have a much higher chance for your information to be shared across social media which in turn will bring more traffic to your website and possibly improve your SEO.

We process visuals much faster than we process data so it's more beneficial to you and your customer to take your information and make an infographic.

To create your infographic, think about a structure that will help you to tell a story. Select your main subject and highlight it. Use charts, illustrations and other graphics elements to walk your customer through the necessary information.

4. Choose the right font.

A good font can reinforce the message of your brand. It's very important to choose a font that is easy to read. Generally, sans serifs fonts are preferred for the web.  It is helpful to choose a typeface that has a number of weights (Light, Regular, Bold) and cuts (Italic, Condensed, etc).  Some of the most popular sans serif fonts are Open Sans, Gotham, and Mercury.

Don't use too many fonts on your design. Choose the main font and one or two more that will complement or reinforce your main font. Using this same concept, you want to keep a hierarchy on your text. Experiment making your word or a phrase bigger than the others.  With so different fonts, styles, and weights, you can be sure to say the message that you're trying to say.

Keep it simple, don't use too much text on a graphic. I know you want to tell your clients all the information about a product or service but using too much text will only hurt you. Remember social media is about pictures.

Always remember "Less is More", keep your feed simple. Look what your competitors are doing, research, learn and think of how can you do it better. Always think about your brand, use the colors, fonts, and pictures that will inspire people to follow you and share your content.

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