Instagram is growing.  Fast.

With over 500 millions daily active Instagram users, it is quickly becoming the most used social media platform.  Those users are liking 4.2 billion pictures per day.  No matter who your audience is, there's an opportunity for you to grow from Instagram.

So how do you grow your Instagram and stand out from the more than 90 million pictures posted daily?

1. Hashtags

Instagram is designed around hashtags.  This feature is there to get your account noticed, and increase your followers which will help your engagement.  There is no limitations on how many people you can reach with hashtags if you use a proper strategy.

Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post.  We recommend you utilize this as much as you can by using 20-30 relevant hashtags per post.  

Ok so which hashtags do I use?

Getting exposure on Instagram is a climb, your post needs to stand out.  You don't need to be a photographer or an artist to make a great post.  All it takes is the right blend of hashtags.  Each post should have less popular hashtags to get you started.  With the less popular hashtags, your post will get likes from your Instagram followers and help that picture start trending.

Once your post is trending on the less popular hashtags, it will be more visible on the medium and finally most popular hashtags.  As your Instagram account grows followers and engagement, adjust your hashtags accordingly so you can continue to grow even further!

2. Post Consistently

How much you post on Instagram is a large factor in maintaining growth.  We've seen the largest growth on accounts that post everyday.  The folks over at Tailwind did an original study where they took over 100,000 Instagram accounts for three months and analyzed them to see how post frequency affects growth and engagement.

Users that posted 7 or more times per week saw a significant increase in average post likes compared to those with 1-6 posts per week.  The same goes for engagement and followers growth as well.  If you'd like to read the study, you can find it in full here.

3. Engage Your Followers

Engagement is the most beneficial thing you can do to grow your Instagram.  The base definition of engagement on Instagram is how many people like and comment on your posts but we're talking about a different type of engagement here.

The easiest way to turn people into long standing engagers is to engage back.  Reply to your comments and get a conversation started.  Even something as simple as "Thanks!" can go a long way.  It's easier than ever with Instagram to respond back to comments with the Facebook Business site.  If your Instagram is connected to your Facebook page, it gives you a full history of every comment on your PC and you can reply back right there!  If not, you have to use the app to reply, which most don't mind doing.

Another way to engage followers is to return the love.  After you post, check your recent activity to see who is liking your posts and give them some likes back! 

Engaging takes time and if you're busy running a business, brand or anything else, we offer these services and more with our Instagram growth service.

3. Engage Your Niche

As stated before, engagement is the best way to grow your Instagram.  Aside from posting using hashtags related to your business or niche, you can also engage with that niche.  Instagram has an awesome feature where you can follow a hashtag.  Use this engage with hashtags that relate to your audience.  You can increase your visibility and find more followers interested in what you're posting.

4. Engage Your Competition

Just like the hashtag strategy, you can use these hashtags to find the top 9 featured pictures.  Go to those accounts and look at who is following them.  Engage with those accounts by following or liking their posts.

5. Schedule Your Content

While not directly related to growing your account, this can make sure you're always up to date with you posts at the right time.  You can use tools like TrelloHootsuite or Buffer to schedule content to post on Instagram.  With these, it will remind you when it is time to post and makes it easy to copy and paste your post.

6. Post at the Right Time

To piggyback off of scheduling your content to grow your Instagram, we lead into posting at the right time.  What you're posting and how you're posting is important, but if there is no one there to see it, it doesn't matter.  There has been many studies to see the general timeframe to post that work great, but once you've been posting for a while, we recommend taking a look at your Instagram analytics.  You can use your Instagram insights to see what time your posts perform the best and use that to improve.  

While there are many answers to the best time to post, we've found that 8-9am EST and 5pm EST are your best times to post.  If you'd like to make multiple posts on a couple days a week, try posting extra on Monday and Thursday.


Start Growing Your Instagram Now!

You now know the basics of growing your Instagram!  It may seem like a steep task, but just keeping pushing and results will come.

Organic Instagram Growth Service for Businesses, Brands, and Influencers

Not looking to spend the time learning the Instagram growth game?  Consider outsourcing your social media and Instagram growth to us!  We can engage on your behalf, get more followers, increase Instagram engagement, provide a curated list of hashtags and more!  If you're interested in trying out our service, let us know!  More info on our services at Jivleo Organic Instagram Growth Service.

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